How does the online application work?

First of all, register by providing your details and email address. You will then receive a confirmation email with your registration number (=login name) and your password to log onto the application portal. The application portal is divided into several sections (personal data, educational background, research experience, etc.). You can login, edit and upload data as many times as you wish before you finally submit the application. Submission is possible only when all sections are marked by a green check mark.

Please notice that once you click on the submission button, no further editing is possible. Once you have submitted, you will receive immediately a confirmation email with attached the application as PDF document. Using the login data, you can review at any time the status of your application. The status will change to “application in review” only after we have received both reference letters.

What documents are required?
  • A curriculum vitae
  • transcripts/marksheets and certificates for your bachelor and master degree. The transcript is a record of your academic qualifications (containing the list of the attended courses with the corresponding grades) while the certificate is the final academic title. The master degree certificate is not mandatory for those applicants that have not concluded their master course yet. If this is the case, please don’t forget to indicate the date when you expect to finish your master studies

Do I need to have transcripts and certificates translated into English?

Transcripts and certificates should be either in German or in English or translated into English. For the online application, please upload originals and a translation done by yourself. Official certified translations are required for joining the IMPRS-LM PhD program and for the enrolment at the German university.

What should I do, if I am attending a BS-MS integrated study program and I do not have a BSc certificate?

Simply repeat the same information in the First- and the Second-Degree sections and upload twice the marksheets of your BS-MS integrated program.

Does the IMPRS-LM PhD program have language requirements?

The language of the IMPRS-LM PhD program is English, therefore a good command of spoken and written English is a requirement. Formal proof of English proficiency (such as TOEFL, IELTS) is not mandatory but recommended. Should the coordination office consider it necessary, applicants may be contacted for language assessment. Knowledge of German is not required, but foreign students will be offered the opportunity to attend German language classes.

When will I know if I have been invited to the online interviews?

About 2 weeks before the online interviews you will receive either an invitation to the online interviews or a notification that your application was not selected.

When should I inform my referees of my application?

Before submitting your application, contact your referees to ask them if they would support you and would have time to complete the reference letter (check the referee deadline in the timeline). If they are willing to support you, then you can add their names to your application. When you submit the application, your referees will be automatically contacted via email and provided with the link to upload their recommendation. Please notice that it is your responsibility to remind your referees about the deadline. Applications lacking references will not be considered.

Can I add a third referee?

No, it is not possible. You can exchange a referee if for unforeseen reasons he/she is no longer able to provide you a reference. To do so please write to us, providing the contact details of the new referee.

What should I do if I misspelt the email of my referee?

Please contact us immediately. We can update the email address and resend the reference request.

Where do I find the list of available positions?

Please check here the list of recruiting faculty. Each group has selected a list of keywords that represent the topics of the lab and/or the project on offer. In the application you can select up to four projects/groups that you would like to join. Project details will be published later and made available only to the invited candidates.

Should I contact the group leader/s that I am interested in?

You can contact one or several of the group leaders but it is not necessary. There is no possibility of negotiating a position prior to the interviews. Candidates invited to the interviews will be provide with more information about the recruiting labs and the projects on offer.