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International Max Planck Research School for Living Matter

Welcome to the
International Max Planck Research School for Living Matter

Formerly known as IMPRS-CMB (International Max Planck Research School in Chemical and Molecular Biology), our graduate program is now called International Max Planck Research School for Living Matter: from molecules to dynamics (IMPRS-LM).

Building on the experience of the past 18 years, the IMPRS-LM offers an international, interdisciplinary, and modern PhD program for young scientists that are interested in dissecting the molecular, chemical and physical properties that characterize bio-molecular interactions.

  • How do molecules interact?
  • When and where do interactions occur within a cell or an organism?
  • What is the molecular outcome of an interaction?
  • How can we modulate or control a specific interaction (also for therapeutic purposes)?
  • How do many interactions come together to form a dynamic and self-organized biochemical network?

With the understanding that the complex organization of cellular identity is based on the dynamics of the interaction networks at the molecular scale, to answer the question ‘what is life?’, we want to train a new generation of life scientists that are passionate about biology, that would like to understand the chemistry at the basis of life and that are fascinated, like physicists, by the dynamic behaviour of living matter through time and space.

Read about our Faculty and their science, our training possibilities and apply to join us for your doctoral degree in Dortmund, Bochum and Essen.

News and Upcoming Events


2 PhD Positions available

The International Max Planck Research School for Living Matter: from molecules to dynamics (IMPRS-LM) invites applications from talented and motivated PhD candidates of all nationalities to join the independent research groups of Sidney Becker and Peng Wu. Read HERE the project descriptions and how to apply.

IMPRS-LM Faculty Seminar Series

Dr. Slava Ziegler, MPI of Molecular Physiology. Title of the Seminar: "Morphological profiling of small molecules using cell painting"

IMPRS-LM Distinguished Guest Seminar Series

Prof. Don W. Cleveland, University of California San Diego, La Jolla, USA. Title of the Seminar: "Evolution of genome instability in cancer"

Webinar: "Your PhD @ Max Planck – Exploring Doctoral Programs"

Are you a Master's student who wants to explore the prospect of doing a PhD in Germany?
Join us for a unique webinar event designed to give you an insight into the benefits of doing a PhD at the prestigious Max Planck Society. Read HERE for more information and to register.