The first IMPRS-CMB Summer School will take place this July (2019) from Monday 15th to Friday 26th.
Every evening at 5pm there will be a lecture in the Conference Hall followed by a get together with drinks.
On Friday 26th July, the Summer School will end with a BBQ.
You can decide to attend one or all lectures.
The lectures are for students (IMPRS and not) and are offered by a group of postdocs from the MPI of Molecular Physiology.



Monday 15th July
“Cell biology by the numbers”,
by Pim Huis in ‘t Veld

Tuesday 16th July
“From cDNA to in vitro assays: how to tackle the expression of a brand-new protein”,
by Valentina Piano

Wednesday 17th July
“Variables of the Experiments (Control tells the story)”, by Harish Thakur

Thursday 18th July
“Grant writing for a Postdoctoral Fellowship: What are the options and what should you be thinking about during the application?”,
by Michael Grange

Monday 22nd July
“Real-Time Bioluminescence Imaging of Biological Processes”,
by Hacer Karatas

Tuesday 23rd July
“Kinetic network: protein-protein interaction in biological pathway”,
by Mahyar Akbarzadeh

Wednesday 24th July
“Analysing proteins on gels”, by Pim Huis in ‘t Veld

Thursday 25th July
“How to plan an experimental week and organize collected data”
, by Ilaria Visco

Friday 26th July
“Maximizing the impact of your scientific work through open science”,
by Felipe Merino


Download programme here.