From NOVEMBER 12th to 14th the 7th IMPRS-CMB Student Symposium titled UNRAVELLING CELLULAR ENTRICACIES: FROM EXPERIMENT TO INSIGHT will take place at the MPI of Molecular Physiology in Dortmund.

The aim of the Symposium is to bring together young scientists and leading researchers whose work encompasses the interests of all IMPRS-CMB graduate students, with special emphasis on encouraging open discussions between speakers and students during specially designed social interaction sessions.


On NOVEMBER 10th 2017, the IMPRS-CMB along with its counterpart in Münster, CiM-IMPRS, organized a Career Event at the MPI in Münster to arm students and postdocs with all the information they need to make their next career move.

Rather than a succession of talks, the program offered two panel discussions led by academic and industrial scientists at various stages of their career. The audience was encouraged to ask the panel members any question with the aim to learn about the challenges and the decisions that they had to face in order to reach the position at which they currently are.

Here are some example questions
How did they apply for their first job?
How did they look for a Postdoc?
Why was their grant application successful?
What role did family and friends play in their decisions?


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On MAY 24th 2018, you can meet Lucia and Christa at the IMPRS-CMB booth at the BCF Career Event in Utrecht.
This BCF Career Event is for everyone with a background in Life Sciences, Chemistry, Food & Pharma who would like to know more about his or her future career perspectives.

IMPRS-CMB will be part of a DAAD delegation together with other German PhD programs.